[ExI] segregation forever!!

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On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 9:44 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>
> What instrument does your daughter play?  I wish her the best and would
> like to know what pieces she is playing.

### She sings in a choir. She is also taking piano lessons but I don't know
if it's something she likes or just goes with her mother's wishes.

She is quite forthright in her desire to get rich and asked me if having a
Carnegie Hall performance on her resume helps in getting to Harvard. She is
11. And she asked me to sign her up for cryonics. She is a delightfully
rational girl.


> I disagree with forced public education, but there will be lots of people
> who desperately need to learn to read and write who won't if they can stay
> home and watch TV.

### Well, stopping welfare would assure there is no TV for those who don't
work.... The poor might actually think before having children... They might
learn to humbly ask for a job rather than angrily demand handouts...
Knowing that there is no welfare might induce some of them to value
schooling as a way of earning access to a job... And ending the war on
drugs might leave them no option but to make themselves useful...

Ah, these ultra-reactionary thoughts... so useless.

  We do not do a good job of selling education.

### There is a whole culture that disdains education as "acting white",
while it feeds at the public trough. Empty the trough, let them learn
humility, and suddenly education will be much more popular. Not that it's
about learning school subjects per se, it's more of a socialization project
to inculcate obedience, punctuality and acceptance of their proper position
in the hierarchy.

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