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From: William Flynn Wallace 
...(Suggested modernized cuuiculum)...
Cool excellent billw but now I want you to sharpen the question just a bit.
This curriculum bill has suggested suits me but what I am really wondering about now is how we deal with modern online learning tools suddenly changing all the usual paradigms.
We have long thought of education as a ticket into an office somewhere, the starting point of a career.  Seldom are these tickets issued to those younger than about 21 or 22. 
OK what if we can now go around all those traditional roadblocks which slowed the racehorses and kept them back with the herd?  Bill w this is your field.  What happens when a generation is suddenly set free and we find what plenty of us suspected for a long time, that it does not take 16 years to master that curriculum you patiently outlined.  It doesn't take leaving home, going deeply into debt, doesn't require joining a frat, going to sports events, doesn't really require any of the traditional clutter in and around the usual four year college.
Did we suddenly introduce a really good alternate path to success, one I have perceived as missing for a long time and needed for even longer?
I can imagine KA as but one early excellent example of a class of software which could obviate plenty of traditional education, freely available to all everywher, arriving just as traditional college costs have spiraled out of the reach of too many.

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