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Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Sun May 22 07:56:55 UTC 2016

> Both Bills, Adrian, Anders, Rafal, anyone else following this 
> perplexing and critically important thread, with these considerations 
> in mind, what should we be teaching the next generation, when, how and 
> why?  Do show your work please.  spike

While people have tended to overdo "the growth mindset" it is really 
useful to recognize that you can learn most things if you want or need 
to, and that there is skill in searching  out and selecting good 
learning materials (whether online courses, asking friends, reading 
intro sections of science papers, or going to school). That includes 
organising what one does, understanding how one learns and one's quirks, 
and a sense of what knowledge is out there.

I also tend to laud learning "root" skills that help a lot of domains: 
math, statistics, programming, simulation, history, economics, 
psychology, etc.

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