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Anders anders at aleph.se
Wed May 25 08:45:43 UTC 2016

Writing a script is fairly trivial if you use a fill-in-the-blanks 
approach: it will produce either a random story, or a cliche fest. 
Writing a *good* script requires conveying some emotions or thoughts in 
a nontrivial way, which is currently hard for AI. But I think one could 
do interesting things here.

Imagine a semantic network of concepts, trained on a large corpus of 
human data. Snow is connected to cold which is connected to loneliness, 
as well as xmas and snowball fights that are connected to childhood. You 
activate a few nodes to act as bias, and use the activation spread to 
generate associations.

Then you use the active part of the network as a value filter for 
"ideas" generated by a script generator: the script generator tries 
various characters, actions, scenes etc. and the network checks which 
ones fit the overall structure. This might be a hierarchical process: an 
overall story arch is tried, then parts made. For example, if the theme 
is loneliness the script might generate various things until it hits on 
"Protagonist X tries to join group Y but is rebuffed because of Z" which 
gets thumbs up from the network. The script now tries to fill in X, Y, Z 
and since the network will have the activations it might promote 
X=child, Y=xmas celebration, Z=snow. So we get a structure where a kid 
is refused to join a party because she is snowy (which a human will 
recognize is a rationalisation for some other social property).

I have a feeling this is quite doable, and might be really helpful in a 
semi-interactive way. The user sees the output, adds in the "foreign" 
trait to the protagonist child to give the social property, re-evaluates 
the script, and ends up with a short story about racism at xmas. Or a 
sad comedy about X's inability to handle snow.

On 2016-05-25 00:46, spike wrote:
> I now have an explanation for that video which enraged the 
> Presbyterian world and caused the attack on the American Embassy: it 
> was written by an AI.
> Or perhaps not, but I have seen videos written by humans weirder and 
> dumber than this one:
> http://singularityhub.com/2016/05/24/an-ai-wrote-this-short-film-and-its-surprisingly-entertaining/
> Those of you who played computer chess in the 1970s know how bad it 
> was and how some of its moves were so absurd it would leave you 
> howling with derisive laughter. The programmers failed to write an 
> embarrassment module and a hopelessness module into their software.  
> But even in those benighted times, the computer software could beat 
> some humans, assuming the humans were stoned and already sucked anyway.
> So now, we have computer-generated movie scripts.  For now, Aaron 
> Sorkin can rest with confidence that unemployment is not a near-term 
> threat.  But chess software improved.  It was playing a reasonable 
> game by the mid 1980s, and was getting good by 1990.  Deep Blue beat 
> Kasparov at his peak in 1997.
> So, will computers ever write a good movie script?
> spike
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