[ExI] Has the mystery of Dark Matter been solved?

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Fri May 27 20:55:22 UTC 2016



​>…That's true, ​all those things do rule out Black Holes being Dark Matter over a 

wide variety of mass ranges, but not over all mass ranges. To be Dark Matter Black Holes can't be smaller than 10 solar masses and they can't be larger than 100. But LIGO found a 29, a 36, and a 62 solar mass Black Hole almost as soon as it was turned on…John K Clark



Ja noticed that.  We always vaguely dismissed the possibility because we couldn’t think of a plausible reason why a lot of black holes should be right in that one (kinda oddball) order of magnitude.  But hey, maybe we just missed something, and there was some reason why the usual exponential model fails us and there are a lot of black holes in the 10-100 range, a kind of huge evolutionary practical joke of some kind, something kinda odd, analogous to why the beach has so many grains of sand right in the 0.2 - 2 mm range.


Hell maybe we really did just fumble and miss something obvious or have a huge collective face-palm moment in our near future.  We can hope, ja?






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