[ExI] Has the mystery of Dark Matter been solved?

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> Unless I misunderstood, LIGO has run a total of 18 days so far, and never
> with full instrumentation

And about the time the 2 LIGO detectors come back online and at increased
power (around September) it should be
​ ​
joined by a third detector, Virgo in Italy. Gravity waves are sort of
opposite to light, with light it's easy to tell the direction the photon
came from but hard to tell how far it has traveled, but with gravity waves
it's easy to tell how far they have come but hard to tell from what
direction; but with 3 detectors we can use triangulation to figure out
where to point our optical telescopes
​that ​
could help us figure out if the Black Holes came from dead stars or were
primordial. I
they come from dead stars then there may gas and dust nearby that will get
heated to incandescence
​by the gravity waves ​
that our optical telescopes can see, but if they're
​ ​
primordial then there is a better chance
​ ​
they're in the cosmic boondocks between galaxies with no gas or dust nearby
​to heat up ​
and our
​ will see no optical counterpart. ​

A cool thing is if it can find them at all it should be able to hear
gravitational waves over a vast distance because LIGO doesn't detect the
energy in the
it detects how much they alter the distance between a LASER and a mirror
and that alteration only decrease linearly with distance; telescopes work
with light intensity and that decreases with the square of distance not

It doesn't seem possible to tell when the distance between a LASER and a
mirror 4 kilometers away changes by one ten thousandths the diameter of the
nucleus of a atom ( equivalent to telling when the distance between Earth
and  Alpha Centauri changes by the width of a human hair)
but incredibly they can. But as you point out as good as experimenters have
become they still aren't good enough to find ET. Or ESP.
​  Maybe because there is nothing to find.

  John K Clark​

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