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>…I get impatient when people talk about trivialities like the pay grade of assistants… In contrast Donald won't let us see his tax records and his business relationships are a confusing tangled mess that he makes no effort to untangle for us. And yet it's Clinton who is opaque not Trump. …


 John K Clark  ​



Ah, OK I see the disconnect, and how two things are being compared which are so dissimilar:  


Trump was playing with his money.  Mrs. Clinton was playing with ours.


Trump isn’t breaking any laws: the IRS already has his tax returns.  Mrs. Clinton has shown repeated disregard for our laws, with the industrial grade deletion of subpoenaed evidence.  She has shown contempt for our laws with that very questionable arrangement with her aide.  Unless she can show us a contract with details on what her aide was doing, that isn’t just questionable, it is illegal.


That arrangement gives the appearance that perhaps other countries (where governments durn sure are corrupt) might perhaps possibly view a donation to the Clinton Foundation as a way to get access to the US State Department.  Just sayin’ (as the g droppin’ sayin’ goes.)  Not that any government anywhere would perhaps think that, or misinterpret it, or that perhaps bad guys from places like {fill in any known corrupt government} might somehow contact an aide who is mysteriously employed in three different places simultaneously might be the way in to our State Department.  Or perhaps they did, but just sayin’ John.  Maybe.


Trump refuses to show us how he was making his money.  Mrs. Clinton refuses to show us how she was spending ours.


Easy solution: don’t vote for them.


Hear the footsteps.





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