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On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 5:42 AM, Gregory Lewis <gjlewis37 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> I repeat the remarks by others I'd prefer this list not be infected by too
> much discussion on current affairs, and I'd prefer a higher level of
> discussion than 'Trump is a crazy with a potential finger on the big red
> button'/'Clinton is corrupt!'

Sometimes it's necessary to talk about unpleasant things and yes I agree a
nuclear fireball would be unpleasant; but discussions about the Singularity
are on topic and AI and Nanotechnology aren't the only things that can
cause a Singularity, an H-bomb can too. Any sort of Singularity would be
important and that is also why I get impatient when people talk about
trivialities like the pay grade of assistants.

​The presidency is a high pressure job and to me Trump looks like a mental
breakdown waiting to happen. The current Governor of Main seems to be
undergoing some sort of mental breakdown right now, imagine if he were
the president and had the nuclear launch codes.  ​

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> I think one of the important things with charity is to evaluate the likely
> output (c.f. Effective Altruism etc.) and on this the Clinton Foundation is
> pretty opaque.

​This is a great example of what I'm talking about. Spike can't understand
why I say the list hates Hillary not Donald, but outside audits of the
Clinton Foundation are online going back to 1999 and her personal tax
records are online going back to 1977. In contrast Donald won't let us see
his tax records and his business relationships are a confusing tangled mess
that he makes no effort to untangle for us. And yet it's Clinton who is
opaque not Trump. The list prefers the anti-scientific anti-free market
anti-free speech anti-encryption candidate who won't put his business
empire in a blind trust if he becomes president.

It's simply not the case that the list dislikes both of them equally and I
am honestly confused as to why.  I have been asking for months for somebody
to give me a clear logical explanation for this very strange phenomenon but
so far no luck. I don't get it.

 John K Clark  ​
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