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> Were Asimov among us today, he would relate to my One Chance argument I
> make above.

I'm sure he would because Asimov was logical
I relate to it too because betting civilization and perhaps the entire
human species on the sanity of just one person is scary, but the trouble is
logical people are rare
​. ​I
t's even rarer for one of them to become an American politician; he'd
certainly have to carefully hide his disreputable logical tendencies from
the voters to have any hope of being elected. There is a 0% chance congress
doing what you suggest.  And if there were such a thing as a negative
probability that's the chance I'd give to Vladimir Putin
​ ​deciding to
 up control of his nuclear weapons. It won't happen. So all a logical voter
can do is vote for the least crazy candidate that has a chance of winning,
and this year it's obvious which one that is.

Like you I want a better choice but as the Rolling Stones said in their
song used without permission at the Republican convention,
​ ​
you can't always get what you want. Trump keeps
 the song
​ ​in his
nuremberg rallies
​ ​
despite the Stones protests
Mick Jagger
​ ​
commented "I can't get no satisfaction".

​John K Clark​
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