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>… I said "What we need right now is a 95 yard touchdown pass."  It happened on the next play.  The whole end zone looked at me, and later in the game called to me to call for another one…


He’s GOD! they shouted in unison, as they fell before him in humble adoration.  


Alternative: you have the FORCE BillW.  You are the droid we are looking for.  




>…Have you had any type of highly improbable event happen to you where you were involved in some way, not just a spectator?  (Yeah, kinda Reader's Digest kind of thing.)…


If this doesn’t generate some welcome fun lighthearted discussion, I don’t know what will.



>…One more: as my wife and I were driving along a back road I saw a group of vultures up ahead and slowed down as the group flew off to the right.  Only one bird flew left but that was enough to bust my windshield, sending glass all the way to the back window…Not improbable?  One year later in another car my wife was driving along the same road with me and a vulture hit her windshield in the same place…bill w



Turn in the road, driver and beast have a difficult time seeing each other, driver smites and slays beast with Detroit, vultures come in for lunch regularly in that spot.  Notice how vultures feed: they surround their lunch, give each other space if possible.  They get startled by suddenly approaching growling thing which by their instinct matches a hungry lion, they fly away, but vultures and big cumbersome things and require some runway with a relatively low climb rate and low turning ability.  


Result: that spot is a frequent meeting place between Detroits and the hapless local fauna, the feathered scavengers’ grow big and strong devouring slain beasts at that spot.  Then, any time a Detroit comes suddenly into view, the vultures fly away from their meal, at least one of which needs to come in your general direction to have sufficient clear runway, Detroit smites scavenger, broken windshield, revolting vulture guts spewed upon driver and passenger.  If you continue to drive that road, eventually good chance you will sacrifice a third windshield.  Coincidental indeed, but not so astonishing.  Suggest slowing and honking as you approach Bend in the Road vulture restaurant henceforth.  


Back to calling upon your team to hurl a winning pass sir.  That was impressive.



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