[ExI] Nobody's posted about the Hillary interview yet?

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I'm very surprised nobody (such as Spike ;) ) has posted about yesterday's release on Hillary…



Will, I saw little need for my commenting on it.  There is no law against senility.  I don’t mind if we elect a senile president.  We had at least one before, nothing went seriously wrong.  I can even see an advantage: it would motivate those who know about it to take the football before the inauguration.

Your comment suggests I have something personal against any particular candidate.  It isn’t that.  I do have a big lotta heartburn against electing someone to high office who disregards law: that’s just too dangerous.  

If that person did it from senility or concussion, well OK fine, let’s elect a senile president.  Not one which disregards law, but senility is legal, moral and ethical.  If we go down that road, we get what we deserve.  But first, let’s get that football back where it belongs, shall we?



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