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Will someone in the group far more advanced than I am on this issue, refute
this woman's opinion?  (I do notice that the article is from Forbes - an
obvious industry arm)\
bill w
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Subject: 98% hoax
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This article describes how they came to the conclusion that "98%" of
scientists agree that man causes global warming. A two question, on line
survey was sent to more than 10,000 scientist. The group that sent the
survey then only used 77 of those scientists responses to the second
question of which 75 answered "yes" and then "concluded" that 98% of
scientists agree that man causes global warming. That's the number that was
then used and still is to hold up the fear mongering arguments. The fact is
that there is no scientific way to conclude whether humans can possibly be
the primary contributing factor. And given the actual history of warming
periods before the industrial revolution there are clearly many reasons for
the alternating patterns of warming and cooling. People are entitled to
their opinions, but when the scientists who say it's manmade get all the
money from the government and the UN and those who dispute that are not
only left out of the money but are vilified as nutcases (California is
trying to introduce legislation to criminalize those who disagree with the
idea...what does that say!!! Can you say "1984" a few years late?), it's
fairly evident to me that there is a big game going on. A game that has
made people like Al Gore very wealthy while nothing that he predicted has
come to pass. All the ice was supposed to be gone by now according to that
non-scientist politician who continues to own numerous homes that have been
judged to be far from "green" and who jets around the world leaving his
carbon footprint in his hypocritical wake wherever he goes. Meanwhile, the
government gives all kinds of money not only to just certain scientists
(the ones that will say what the government wants) but to companies
claiming to have answers for renewable energy but that end up going
bankrupt while their founders make off with taxpayer money in their
pockets. The planet warms. It's warmed a tiny bit (less than a degree) and
suddenly there's money to be made and power to be grabbed by claiming it's
all our fault. And nothing sensible is done, like planting trees, stopping
wholesale deforestation, etc. Just throw money at those who will support
the government's agenda.

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