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> In its highest dose, the drug was recently shown to annihilate amyloid
> plaques in the brains of a subset of the study’s 165 participants.
> It could cost up to $2.5 billion dollars to test it widely, but the
> investment might be worth the price tag: if it works, aducanumab could
> treat people for Alzheimer’s before they even show symptoms.
> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/body/plaque-pillaging-
> alzheimers-drug-advances-toward-promising-phase-iii-
> trial/?utm_medium=N/A&utm_medium=pbsofficial&utm_
> campaign=nova_next&linkId=28297637&utm_source=twitter&hootPostID=
> 7214100121367f51f30a3f435d378fb6
> ### There was a 41% frequency of ARIA (brain swelling) at the highest
dose, which was dose-dependent and lead to discontinuation of treatment in
44% affected patients. There were also many cases of CNS siderosis. So,
another amyloid-buster antibody that causes brain swelling like all the
others before it, with dose-dependent loss of study participants that can
explain the trends towards efficacy.

I give you 3:1 odds against it working in phase III.

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