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>…Spike, I'd make one alteration to your statements.  …


>…I think the Russians will release, through proxy sources, something incredibly damning a short time before the election.  Hillary could be made ineligible.  The election may then be delayed… Will



Will, I agree with what you wrote but I would make on alteration to your statements too, a really important one.  You comment that “The election may then be delayed.”


Oh boy that one is big.  That one is a hot potato, because I see no legal mechanism to delay the election, if one or both candidates are dead, having a coughing fit, in prison, under indictment, withdraw on 1 November, etc.  The constitution offers no suggestions that an election can be delayed for any circumstance.  The election selects not only the executive, but also the legislature.  It happens on 8 November, regardless of what else happens.


Will, do suggest a scenario which you think could result in a delayed election.  


Reason I focus on that: plenty of far right talkers are suggesting the current government will attempt to delay this election.  I disagree but if they do, it appears to me to be an illegal government.  I want to verify there is no legal path to a delayed election.  Are there?








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