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Spike, I'd make one alteration to your statements.  The Russians aren't playing police, they are cold fighting us.  This whole election is honestly a cold war proxy battle…




Will, this whole episode brings up a variation on the old Scooby Doo theme, with the classic WHaGAWIT comment:




Only now the variation on the WHaGAWIT theme is “…Would Have Gotten Away With It Too, if not for those meddling COMMIES!


Hmmm, well, OK sure.  But… we don’t know for sure it is only the Russians who hacked into that server, and don’t even yet know for sure if they ever did, or if so Vladimir had anything to do with it.  How do we know it wasn’t Bernie people who got into the DNC server (possibly even insiders) for instance?  How do we know it wasn’t Romanians, or state-independent actors?  How do we count those?  And what if a bad guy did the detective work and caught another actual bad guy?  Does the fact that the bad guy caught another bad guy make either of them the good guy?  What if the bad guy had been caught by a neutral guy, such as hackers in say, Bangladesh?  Or Switzerland?  Would that matter?  Would it then still be a cold war proxy battle?  Would it matter when we still don’t even know who attacked the US embassy in Libya and why?  (And why do you suppose we STILL don’t know that?)


The real question to me is not the identity of who caught the bad guy, but rather who didn’t.  Where (in the hell) were the State Department Inspectors General?  Why isn’t that guy or guys being brought up on charges, or at least brutally fired for gross negligence in not catching this?  Who was in that office?  Where are all the people who did not have concussions, who damn well DID know what those ( C ) markings meant, who knew well what the levels of classification were, who should have been able to recognize improperly-handled information?  Do not Abedin and Mills and plenty of others realize they cannot sell the “don’t remember” concussion defense and are now in enormous political jeopardy?  Why didn’t they spot the violations?  


There were plenty of others who were in a position to have caught this before it went on several years, including the guy who appointed the SecState. Where were they and what were they doing?



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