[ExI] most famous exi poster

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Sep 7 14:22:09 UTC 2016


Who is the most famous person to have ever posted on ExI?  How would you
measure it?  If we use the person with the most book sales, perhaps Damien
Broderick?  If we measure it by whose work had the most impact, it might be
Hal Finney because he was thought to have been a key player in the
development of Bitcoin.  If we use public face or name recognition, it is
probably Julian Assange, after his bombshell report yesterday on the Hannity
show.  But it isn't clear how we should count him, because most of what he
wrote was on a subgroup set up by Eugen Leitl to debate privacy.  


Let us define poster as anyone who has ever posted even one post to ExI.
Propose an ExI poster who is generally well-known to the public, or some
identifiable subgroup of the public.



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