[ExI] This will not help the Libertarian candidate

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On the contrary sir.  We can’t fix Allepo, contrary to what both of the libertarian candidate’s mainstream warhawk competitors think. 


We can’t fix Aleppo, but we durn sure can help break it, as demonstrated by… well… parties whose identities are still not known, who apparently were somehow arming two or more factions at war with the government of Syria but simultaneously at war with each other, in contradiction to our own government’s position, which may have been a contributing cause of the tragic outcome, perhaps in exchange for generous donations to… we don’t know.  A charity perhaps?  


We don’t yet know the whole truth on that, for the evidence appears to have been accidently deleted with such careful vigor that god can’t read them, after being subpoenaed by congress.  Hate it when that happens.  Extremely careless it is.  Inexcusable carelessness, that accidental whacking of blackberries with hammers and the accidental use of industrial-strength BleachBit.


Johnson is the one who knows that poking our noses into other peoples’ business often makes a bad situation worse.



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