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​> >…With the new Powell bombshell, Julian Assange’s anticipated dump will be very hard pressed to top it.


>…Powell bombshell? Do you mean the one where it turned out that Hillary Clinton was being completely truthful when she said former Secretary of State General Powell advised her to set up a private email account…



That’s the one.  Looks like we caught two Secretaries of State intentionally breaking the law, knowing they were breaking the law, taking actions to avoid getting caught.  The senate should impeach both of them forthwith.


The bombshell isn’t that two SoSs are now impeachable, but that a comment by Clinton may well have implicated Barack.  I can imagine the senate will want some details on what she meant with that “struck a blow” comment in the Powell memo.  John how do you interpret that?




>…By the way, if Trump and Clinton are equally bad as many on this list claim why does every political discussion no matter the topic somehow always evolve into criticism of Clinton and never of Trump?  John K Clark


That one is easy: because we keep uncovering new sleaze with Clinton every other day.  With Trump it is so easy: if you want dirt on him, you just ask him, he hands you all the dirt you want, free.  With that guy we know what we are getting: we just ask.  And we don’t like what he tells us.  With Clinton, the deeper we dig the more dirt we find.


Amazing part we would never have believed had we been told 2 years ago: the final stretch it would be Trump vs. anyone and Trump would be the relatively boring side.


Oy, evolution help us.






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