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> Listening to a one hour talk about world events should have been enough
> Well, that's the thing.  Is Aleppo - not Syria in general, but
> specifically Aleppo - notable enough that it would even have been mentioned
> in a one or even two hour talk summarizing all the important things in
> world affairs right now?
Aleppo has 2 million residents and is the most populous and commercially
important city in Syria, or at least it was until many thousands of its
citizens were killed in the war. Right now 275,000
​people ​
in the eastern part of the city (and once the richest part) are completely
surrounded and cut off from the rest of the world and are slowly starving
to death, the 1.5 million people still alive in the western part are doing
a little better but not much. The UN said Aleppo was the  "apex of horror"
in the modern
​ ​world.

​ ​

Even if a president decides not to do anything about it he should at least
know about it.  To Mr. Johnson's credit he admitted
was a stupid remark and said "I have to get smarter" and as president he
would surround himself with experts who were presumably smarter than he
was, but those experts are sometimes going to be giving diametrically
opposite advice on what should be done and at the end of the day it's the
President who must decide and it's the President
​not the experts ​
who will be held accountable if things go wrong.

> ​>​
> It feels like most Americans would say no.
> ​Most Americans are not running for president. ​Johnson didn't need a top
secret briefing by the CIA to know about Aleppo, just reading the front
page of the New York Times for a few days would have been enough.

​ John K Clark​
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