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While I'm not a statin evangelist or even completely sold on the
cholesterol hypothesis in terms of cardiovascular disease, there is a large
component of cholesterol production and makeup that is genetic.  While
exercise can certainly help raising the HDL fraction, diet has relatively
little impact on overall cholesterol levels in most cases.

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>> And London cardiologist Dr Assem Malhotra said: "There are serious
>> question marks about the reliability of industry-sponsored studies on the
>> side effects of statins, and essentially that's what this review is.
>> "And a lot of the scientists involved in the original studies were
>> involved in this review. It is not an independent review."
>> This is a quote from the BBC article that Bill K sent to me.  It confirms
>> what I think:  you can't trust industry, which is making billions from the
>> drugs, to do unquestioned research.
> Yes, I'm extremely skeptical of claims that a man-made drug is safe and
> effective for a problem that is basically due to poor diet and lack of
> exercise.
> -Dave
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