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On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 7:46 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> So how about a vote?  Go with the majority?

What's the alternative? Leave?

  You did not mention fluorine.

The evidence in favor is weak. I don't think it belongs in municipal water

Here's one view of the future:  vaccines will be enhanced to cover more
> illnesses.  Strains of beneficial bacteria or even viruses will be
> administered by pediatricians at appropriate times just like vaccines and
> probably mandatory for public schools.  Skeptics will pull their kids out
> and so we will have, like India, an Untouchable class who have the wrong
> microbiome, with shouts of 'unclean, unclean!'.  And generic Cialis will be
> covered by Medicare.
> God only knows what will be in our water.
> ​​
> Bottom line:  it will become harder and harder to be a practicing
> libertarian.  The theme will be 'The greatest good for the greatest
> number'.  (which probably quotes someone - I dunno)

I'm all in favor of innovation but personal freedom has to have precedence.
Those who want the latest and greatest additives in their water are free to
have them, but they're not free to compel those who don't want them to have
them. I mean, I can drink bottled water to avoid fluorine, obviously.

I'm not sure whenever/wherever it's been easy to be a practicing
libertarian. The trend may be toward authoritarianism but I'd like to think
that some day there'll be another Enlightment and we can move past that.

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