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>> And London cardiologist Dr Assem Malhotra said: "There are serious
>> question marks about the reliability of industry-sponsored studies on the
>> side effects of statins, and essentially that's what this review is.
>> "And a lot of the scientists involved in the original studies were
>> involved in this review. It is not an independent review."
>> This is a quote from the BBC article that Bill K sent to me.  It confirms
>> what I think:  you can't trust industry, which is making billions from the
>> drugs, to do unquestioned research.
> Yes, I'm extremely skeptical of claims that a man-made drug is safe and
> effective for a problem that is basically due to poor diet and lack of
> exercise.

Why would you be sceptical for that reason? Would you be more likely to
accept, for example, that drugs could be helpful for a problem that has a
genetic basis?

Stathis Papaioannou
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