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>>> Yes, I'm extremely skeptical of claims that a man-made drug is safe and
>>> effective for a problem that is basically due to poor diet and lack of
>>> exercise.
>> Why would you be sceptical for that reason? Would you be more likely to
>> accept, for example, that drugs could be helpful for a problem that has a
>> genetic basis?
> Because problems due to poor lifestyle choices should first be treated by
> correcting the cause of the problem. "Just take this pill" is too easy for
> doctors to prescribe and patients to believe. Statins aren't the equivalent
> of a healthy lifestyle in a pill. For people for whom lifestyle changes
> have failed, sure, they're better than nothing.

Lifestyle changes are difficult for many people, otherwise they wouldn't
risk an early death. But your response raises an interesting point: if
there were a pill available that could easily rectify negative consequences
of enjoyable but harmful behaviour, what would be wrong with that?

Stathis Papaioannou
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