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It was probably a mistake for Hillary to say half of Trump's supporters were deplorable, not because it was untrue but because it's rarely good politics to tell the truth, the voters will punish you for it if you do. Among Trump supporters 38% wish the south had won the Civil War,  20% think Abraham Lincoln should not have signed the emancipation proclamation freeing the slaves and another 20% aren't sure if it was a good idea or not.



  John K Clark




Ja, I have noticed how that basket of deplorables comment has taken a life of its own.  I see how it was worded.  But it vaguely feels like anyone who can identify with any of those characteristics are being tossed into that basket.  One of those was those who feel the government has let us down.  Well now.  Our government damn sure has let us down.  It has borrowed and spent all this money with no credible means of repaying it, borrowed and spent the forced retirement plan Social Security, never even came close to explaining how that will work or what will happen when that fund is out of money.  Our head of the IRS is being impeached for systematic deception, we have aids to a major party pleading the fifth and we can’t even find one of them now, we have two secretaries of state who conspired to break the law, we have the most corrupt administration in American history.  Ja, the government has damn sure let us down.  So those who see it this way are asked to listen to a major party candidate spewing contempt on us, when she was one of the biggest players in that.


So… not too surprising is the result.  We have the Team Deplorable T-shirts, the counterpunch where Team Deplorable consists of those who demand honesty and accountability in government.  It isn’t racist, homophobic, any of that vile stuff.  Plenty of Team Deplorable are those who demand an honest and accountable government.  Every day that uncovers yet more government sleaze (which is to say every day) is a day this team is considered more deplorable.


This may result in a big change in the definition of the term.  I will never use it the same way again.  It is now too ambiguous.





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