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>…Very well said, Spike.  I could not have said explained it more eloquently myself…


You are too kind sir.



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 >>….  Every day that uncovers yet more government sleaze (which is to say every day) is a day this team is considered more deplorable. spike



Sheesh, as if on cue… today we find out that just as SecState Powell coached his successor on how to evade accountability by setting up private communications, we now learn that his successor apparently coached her successor on how to work through a charity do things other than what Secretaries of State are supposed to do.  SecState John Kerry funneled taxpayer funds with non-competitive contracts to a charity which employed his own daughter.  So much for eschewing the creation of the appearance of conflict of interest.  Team Deplorable pleads: where does this end?


So now we are asked to weigh the risks of a candidate we fear will do what he has already said he wants to do, vs the risk that the other candidate will somehow reform in her old age and not do the things she has been doing for some time.









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