[ExI] The Bomb verses a Email server

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Wed Sep 14 22:59:29 UTC 2016

On Sep 14, 2016 2:56 PM, "spike" <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> And yet, after all this, we keep being told by our handlers that the two
mainstream parties have permanent ownership of American government.  Where
in the constitution does it say we have only those two parties, even after
one of them has already imploded, and the other one looks like it is going
to if their candidate wins?

Are you volunteering to help guide one of the larger third parties through
the things it must do in the off years - such as recruit Congressional
candidates who will actually run, and enough that the party will be on the
ballot a majority of districts in the US - to have a decent chance in the
Presidential elections?  Note that this requires caring in the off years.

Is anyone willing, who has the ability to rally such a force?
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