[ExI] The Bomb verses a Email server

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Wed Sep 14 23:56:55 UTC 2016

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>> On September 7 North Korea set off a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb, by far its
>> most powerful so far, but few noticed because they were more interested in
>> the Email server Hillary had 5 years ago
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> of Mrs. Clinton telling the truth, ja.

All politicians are liars, they have to be because voters will punish them
if they tell the truth as Hillary discovered when she said half of Trump's
supporters were disreputable. But not all politicians are ignorant thin
skinned unstable megalomaniacs
and no president in the nuclear age has been, but voters hate hearing the
truth even more than they love life, they hate it so much they're willing
to give a man like Donald Trump the power to incinerate them in a nuclear

As of  today Trump has a 37.1% chance of become the next Commander In Chief
of the USA, and that's near his all time high and the highest its been in
months. Momentum is clearly on Trump's side, I just wish it was on the side
of the human species.

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And yet, after all this, we keep being told by our handlers that the two
mainstream parties have permanent ownership of American government.  Where
in the constitution does it say we have only those two parties

​In my opinion a pointless symbolic vote for a third party ​candidate who
obviously has a 0% chance of winning does not resolve oneself of the
responsibility of helping put a lunatic in the White House.

 John K Clark
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