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>…I'm worried about the presidential debates that will happen in less than 2 weeks… John K Clark



No need to worry John, none of this is anything more than entertainment for the masses at this point.


We have everything we really need to know.  We have a former secretary of state who has just been caught in hacked email referring to the law of the land as “…frigging rules…” which is clear evidence of intent to evade and keep his communications private and unaccountable.  This is clear evidence that he held the law, which he took an oath to uphold, in contempt.  One does not put the adjective “frigging” before anything one respects.  


We already know that this deplorable (original definition) SecState instructed his predecessor on evading the law which she took an oath to uphold.  That predecessor took corruption to a whole new level, stunning in its utter contempt for the law of our land, the brazen disregard for ethics, legality and the American public.  We already know about both of these candidates, their attitudes toward the little people (us) and their attitude towards our law (they think it doesn’t apply to them.)  


We already know that voting machines can be hacked, and that they probably already have been, yet we still have states refusing to give them up.  This in spite of the opportunity to sell tickets for proles to smash them to flinders with sledge hammers, the way they used to do with Toyotas at the Detroit county fair in the early 70s.  Hell I would give them a dollar for a whack at one of those.  


Understatement, I would buy enough tickets to help fund the printing of auditable paper ballots to replace the cursed devices.


We know now that unknown hackers are creating chaos.  We know that our own government officials played right into their hands by refusing to use encrypted dot gov accounts, and we know why: to cover up the yoga.  Had they used dot gov accounts, the state business would stay secret, we would know who attacked the embassy and why (and it does make a difference) however… the yoga would all be accountable.  


Concentrated power is scary and leads to corruption, but unaccountable power is far more scary and leads to far greater corruption.


I am greatly encouraged by what I am seeing: the light of day, shining brightly on the filthy corruption, putrid, detestible, deplorable (original definition) slime pit which may have been there all along, but now, we can CATCH IT and destroy it, with the bright shining ultraviolet light of the noonday sun!


Come on, let’s listen to those debates, and treat them for what they really are: entertainment for the masses John.  Whoever controls those machines will not be swayed by those debates.  The participants will rip each other to shreds, destroy whatever tattered threads remain for the credibility of the office they seek and the parties who put them in this position to start with.


I can end this canardic screed on a note of hope for both of us.  An offlist poster and I (well, three different ones actually) have been discussing the problem of one untrustworthy person having the authority to launch nukes on a whim or in exchange for silence, or for any other reason besides response to an incoming attack.  All of us independently came to a similar conclusion: the military isn’t stupid.  People who make it into positions of high rank are not stupid and are not blindly obedient robots.  We think there is some kind of system in place to prevent something like a senile president having a bad dream and nuking the commies, or a president having some kind of seizure and whacking the launch button on her desk.  We aren’t told exactly the process to command launch, but it really just can’t be that easy.  That’s more dangerous than not having the nukes at all.  


The military people have probably thought about this and have some fail-safes in place to protect the planet and deal with the kind of mess we have created.  These safety switches will likely come into play soon, as we are likely to elect either a guy who apparently thinks nukes can be uses as tactical weapons or an alternative candidate whose corruption, dishonesty, greed, gross incompetence and dangerous ambition know no bounds.


Once we make safe those nukes, the rest of this is just reality TV.  I would like to see these two rip each other to shreds, then the voters retort with a hearty YOU’RE FIRED.  This response is a plaintive cry of Americans for honest, ethical, transparent, law-abiding government.






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