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​>…My point was if she wanted to conduct nefarious business why on earth would she instruct her evil cronies to contact her at clintonemail.com <http://clintonemail.com> 


So she would be able to control who had access to the records, rather than that clumsy US Government with all its frigging rules, also knowns as law.


>… rather than a Gmail acount under a phony name?


How do we know she didn’t?  We don’t.  Why?


When this stuff can’t all be retrieved, the first question we ask is: What are you trying to hide?  Followed by: OK prove it.  


Mrs. Clinton knew she went into that position under a dark billowing cloud of suspicion, so why did she do something that was sure to attract suspicion if found out?  Why the BleachBit?  Why the defying of the subpoenas?  Why were the inspectors missing?  Who did that?  Why did she defy congressional orders and say things sure to provoke, such as: My personal email server will remain private!  Why the insulting and shifting stories on motive?  Why that insulting and dismissive ‘What with a cloth’ comment?  


By the time the NYT article in March 2015 told the whole world that Mrs. Clinton used a private server for State business and even that she had no legal way to send or receive digital State Department business for the whole time she served, she should have immediately handed over everything, stepped aside and invited the Feds in there to look through and verify that it was all just yoga. Easy, right?


Problem: she couldn’t do that, because then they would find out the profits from those yoga routines were being funneled to “charity” and that the consequences were catastrophic, and that we paid the price for that yoga, that we are still making payments on that yoga to this day, and will continue paying for that yoga into the future.


Now the question before us is will we make it worse?








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