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> She comes off as a completely aloof, untrustworthy, cold candidate

​So on the one side Trump thinks we should torture people for fun and order
the army to murder children if the government ​doesn't like their father
even though the military says they will mutiny if they do, and on the other
side you don't like the gleam in Hillary's eye. And the gleam wins! The
gleam is more important! I just don't get it.

​> ​
> They are tired of Presidents like GWB, then Obama,

​They're not tired of Obama, he has a 58% approval rating which is about as
high as these things get for a 2 term president 4 months before his final
term ends.

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> many of us think she is a perennial liar at the least, and something much
> more nefarious at the most.

​George Orwell called it "doublethink", Stephen Colbert called it
"truthiness". An example : "i*t's true that 46% of Trump's statements are
"pants on fire"  level lies while only 6% of Hillary's comments reach that
level of mendacity, but I prefer to believe that Trump is more honest and
trustworthy than Clinton, so all I have to do is add a pinch of magical
thinking and voila, Trump really is more honest and trustworthy than
Hillary."   *

> ​> ​
> I am also in the basket that does not believe he is going to start a
> nuclear conflagration as Cheeto-in-Chief.

Why? You tell me how many countries in
​ ​
​ ​
will have the H-bomb 4 years after President Trump tells our former allies
he will not help them if North Korea invades. You tell me how many
countries in Eastern Europe will have nuclear arsenals 4 years after
President Trump tells our former Nato allies he will not lift a finger to
help them if his good buddy and business partner
​ ​
Vladimir Putin
​ ​
invades. You tell me what you expect if something like the Cuban Missile
Crisis happens in the next 4 years and a man with the temperament and
emotional stability
​of Donald Trump ​
has his finger on the nuclear trigger

nd you tell me how radioactive you expect to become.

> ​> ​
> I would be a Johnson supporter if I thought he could actually win despite
> his disturbing Aleppo flub.

​If you have a single libertarian bone in your body ​how on earth could you
even consider voting for the most anti-free market president in a century
who tried to organize a boycott to pressure Apple into putting a backdoor
into all its products so the NSA could get in whenever it wants and see
what you're doing, and thinks the law should punish women for having
abortions? How is it libertarian to want to change the libel laws so it's
the way it is in most countries and you can be put in jail for making fun
of a public figure, a public figure such as President Trump?

​> ​
> I have no love for Trump, but my disdain for HRC (who arguable should be
> in jail for what you consider a little email server issue

​I'm not the only one who thinks the entire Email server business is
ridiculously ​
​overblown, the REPUBLICAN FBI director does too.

​> ​
> amongst a host of other potential issues like pay for play) far exceeds
> any concern I have with him in office.

So I guess it doesn't bother you that the
​Donald J ​
Trump Foundation gave the Florida Attorney General a illegal $25,000
campaign contribution 4  days after she said she was considering a
investigation of the Trump University scam, and then shortly after
receiving the money decided
they weren't going to investigate it after all
​. I guess it does bother you that the Clinton Foundation ​
​spends money on vaccine research but it doesn't bother you that the  ​
Donald J ​
Trump Foundation
​spent $20,000 for a life sized oil painting of ​
​Donald J ​

> ​> ​
> I believe this republic will survive either candidate.

​Fuck the
​, you're quite literally ​betting your life that Donald J Trump won't kill
you in the next 4 years, and I think that's a suckers bet.

John K Clark
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