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​>…So on the one side Trump thinks we should torture people for fun and order the army to murder…


Trump has never been in government and does not know what one cannot do.


Clinton and Powell have been in government and do know what one cannot do; they did it anyway.



>…I'm not the only one who thinks the entire Email server business is ridiculously ​

​overblown, the REPUBLICAN FBI director does too… John K Clark



The FBI is part of the executive branch.  The director chose to not refer the matter to a person who has been offered a job by the defendant, should the defendant beat the charges.


The matter now goes to the legislative branch, which thinks the email server business is ridiculously underblown.  That same legislative branch is finding the other examples of the executive branch disregarding their laws as ridiculously underblown as well.


Stand by, this should get interesting. Regardless of how the betting is going we do not know how this will turn out.








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