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>…nevertheless you are willing to trust this creature with your life. I don't get it…


I don’t trust Trump.  He and Clinton are the reason why our government is built with checks and balances.


​> ​>…Clinton and Powell have been in government and do know what one cannot do; they did it anyway.


​>…Failing to follow government guidelines concerning Email servers on the one side…


Government guidelines?  Suggestions?  No John.  It is law, not guidelines or suggestions.  Powell demonstrated he knew he was breaking the law, but he needed to do so in order to cover his affair with the Romanian bureaucrat.  This intentional lawbreaking (not skirting guidelines or disregarding friendly suggestions, lawbreaking) resulted in a hacker creating all manner of chaos we are now seeing.  This is the kind of thing which can result in blackmail.  His instruction of his successor resulted in her lawbreaking, which resulted in the chaos we are seeing and the chaos we are yet to see.


She had to do it however, because she had to cover up the yoga.  We get that.  She had to cover up whatever it was Stevens was doing in Benghazi.  She couldn’t use the encrypted dot gov account that was actually set up for this sort of thing, because she would be accountable.  That cannot be blotted out by the user, regardless of how much BleachBit is used.


Powell had to cover the sexting, Mrs. Clinton had to cover the yoga.  Both caused incalculable harm.  


Both cases, the law is not just a suggestion, it’s the law.  It is there for a good reason; they had no immunity to it.  Impeach the both of them.



>… Or have I perhaps made an error in my moral calculus?   John K Clark​


John I think so, man.  I am not excusing Trump for his craziness.  If he gets elected, we need to watch every move he makes and have the Senate ready to go with impeachment at a moment’s notice, make sure he cannot do any of the illegal things he thinks he can command the military to do.  We continue to watch him until he resigns out of boredom.  Neither am I excusing Colin ‘Frigging Rules’ Powell or Hilliary ‘What with a cloth’ Clinton.  Impeach both, then vote against Trump.  Hear the footsteps.






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