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> That means Boyajian's star (I still prefer Tabby's star, but I will 
> get over it) is closer than we thought, so there is more dimming than we 
> thought, and the dimming by mere dust becomes less likely.  Reasoning: 
> if dust around Tabby caused the dimming, it would have more IR signature,

Yes. This is the strongest argument against a Dyson shell too - far too
little IR.

Dr Anders Sandberg

Ja.  But if we look deeper into an argument I discovered shortly after
Robert Bradbury perished (oy vey over five years that man has been gone, yet
I miss his demanding presence as if he left us yesterday) that a Dyson swarm
might need to direct its energy for a perfectly well-understood reason: it
would overheat otherwise.  That Boyajian's star is closer than we thought
argues for a more complete but entropy-hip Dyson swarm.

Anders do you have buddies or contacts who are up to speed on this?  Do feel
free to post them this meme sir, and feel free to take ownership of the
idea, same goes for the rest here: A Dyson swarm might neeeeeed to direct
that energy in a low-ish entropy state; otherwise it would cook eventually
in its own IR band waste heat.  But by my calcs, it could do that and still
extract pleeeeenty of energy to do what Dyson swarms do best: think.

Post it forward: the new Tabby's Star Gaia results support a directed-energy
Dyson Swarm.

Go Anders!  You have the science contacts and creds, I don't.  Go Anders!
Davai Davai Davai!


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