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> ​O​
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>     1) Tabby's star has one or more partially constructed Niven Rings.
> ​But what are those ​
> Niven Rings
> ​ made of?​ Yes I know u
> nobtainium
> ​ but the trouble is the only thing that would have sufficient tensile 
> strength to build such a ring would be the degenerate matter that make 
> up Neutron Stars, and there would be 2 problems with using that:

Neutronium may also be be a superfluid (strictly speaking it is 
different from degenerate matter, which can be solid). The always 
amusing A.A. Bolonkin has some calculations on nuclear density composites:
He estimates a tensile Young's modulus of 1.6*10^32 N/m^2. If one could 
make his composite some serious megascale engineering becomes possible.

Dr Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
Oxford University

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