[ExI] reason for hope: progress against parkinson's. was: RE: sugar industry corruption

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Sat Sep 17 15:31:57 UTC 2016


In all our grim discussion during America’s quadrennial virtual civil war, we get a reason for hope, in the progress against Parkinson’s disease.  Those of us whose family members have had Alzheimer’s have seen so little progress, but these families also know there are plenty of patients who end up in the same AD care facilities who do not have AD but rather Parkinson’s.  It looks similar in some cases, but if you talk to the patients, it is easy to tell which ones are there for the Big P rather than the Big A.  Parkinson’s patients end up there but are not demented.  Oh that must be a living hell.


This is one disease we have had better luck in fighting. 




Best wishes to actor Michael J. Fox and everything he has done personally to advance the cause.




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