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Sat Sep 17 17:12:18 UTC 2016



I thought of a song today with the word pneumonia, but it wasn’t the 50’s Jerry Lee Lewis with Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.  I am thinking of a different song which has the term but it is the rhyming word at the end of the line.


With just those clues, how many here know the song?  Hint, some of us who are more experienced would have a shot at knowing this from memory, Keith, BillW, some of you others; I do, I was there when it was new.  At least two different artists recorded it.


Given that, since it is an easy breezy Saturday morning, you might want a fun little Google challenge: find the song which uses pneumonia as the rhyming word.  How long did it take you?  How did you do it?  Try to figure out what might rhyme with pneumonia and punch that in?  {8^D



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