[ExI] rhymes with pneumonia

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 17:51:13 UTC 2016

I know Hillary is extremely shady, but doesn't it say something that Trump
is so bad that we don't really bring him up because his shittiness is a

Seriously.  I'm appalled at all the stuff surrounding Hillary and I'm sure
those bleached emails contain really bad material.  And I'm also sure there
will be a release I'd really bad material right before the election,
masterminded by either Russia or (basically traitorous) insiders.

The simple fact of the matter is that, with the developments in North
Korea, voting for Hillary is the clear way to assuage existential threat.
She is indeed a hawk, but I believe she understands deterrence more than
Trump (which is to say more than zero) and would (and most likely will)
initiate ground war and drone attacks over even the consideration of
nuclear strikes.

If, god forbid, NK launches a nuke at Seoul or Tokyo or San Francisco, I
don't want a lunatic making decisions in that crisis.  I want a
calculating, manipulative, underhanded shady bastard--that is to say,
Hillary Clinton.  That is to say, a fucking politician.
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