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>…Unfortunately, I can make up such a song, and so can billions of others, any of whom would count as an "artist" if they recorded it; by definition it would be new, and we would all "be there" (here) at that time (as recently as now).  (Perhaps you mean to imply that certain people were not there when it was new?)  Therefore, the space of all songs that clue would cover is infeasibly large to search and guess the specific one that you mean… Adrian




Awww, come on Adrian, it’s just a game, don’t be a grumpy bear.  I think you were about preschool when this song was a hit, but it was Casey Kasem American Top 40 stuff back then.


You bring up a fun challenge: make up a song lyric with pneumonia as the rhyming lyric.  Do feel free to be Weird Al Yankovicish with it, since it is likely to be kinda silly.  That opens up the rhyme space.  The song I am thinking about kinda makes sense, even if the rhyme is just a bit strained.



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