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​>…Hillary's E-mail server,​ it always comes back to ​Hillary's stupid ​E-mail server…



Sure does, John.  “Move along citizens, there is NOTHING TO SEE HERE!” she shouted into the bullhorn with increasing enthusiasm and volume.


We know there is nothing to see here.  It has been obliterated by BleachBit or smashed to shards with hammers.  If the frigging rules (also known as law) been followed, we could get judges to just tell us it was all just yoga and wedding plans.


>…  OK let's summarize…




>…a unknown and probably imaginary adversary…


Known adversaries all over the globe, but continue please.


> reads a unknown


Unknown?  Why is it unknown?  Is it because it was carefully and intentionally made unknown to us, to the government, to the voters?  By industrial-strength BleachBit?  Why was that used?  If the frigging rules (also known as law) been followed, we would know what was in Nixon’s 18 minutes of audio and Clinton’s thousands of yoga routines.  It would have all gone away quietly… assuming of course it was all just yoga (the literal variety which involves exercise and stretching, not the kind of yoga we think it was.)


>… and probably imaginary E-mail…


Can you prove it?  Neither can we.


>… on a unknown subject…


The subject most likely contains money, and an explanation of who attacked the Libyan embassy and why.


>…​that you can't even imagine…


Oh we can imagine easily enough.  It isn’t hard to do.


>…​ Spike, that sounds like a very bad spy novel …John K Clark


It really does John, and we wouldn’t need to endure this ongoing horror story had Powell and Clinton followed the frigging rules that they frigging vowed to uphold, those frigging rules known as the law of our land.  Impeach Powell and Clinton, get the nuclear trigger away from the executive branch and back where it belongs, in congress.


Hear the footsteps.




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