[ExI] If you follow the developments with Tabby's star . .

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Sun Sep 18 22:27:06 UTC 2016

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Subject: Re: [ExI] If you follow the developments with Tabby's star . .

On 18 September 2016 at 16:51, spike  wrote:
>>... OK, with that model, and some clever Matlab coding (I no longer have 
> access to Matlab, oy) we should be able to create thermal 
> distributions along the length of that frustum.  spike

>...Have a look at Scilab   <http://www.scilab.org/>

>...or Octave  <https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/>

>...Both are free numerical analysis programs, sort of Matlab compatible.


Hi BillK, thanks.  I am missing not only a suitable programming environment
but more important: the Matlab-based proprietary thermodynamics package that
I could access until about 2013 but cannot now.

I probably should roll up my sleeves and attempt a closed-form solution.
What I really need are some really smart young grad students to watch over
my shoulder and catch my bonehead errors.  Better yet, one with current
access to professors, classmates and software to whom I could share my model
and have her work in parallel.

In any case, Boyajian's Star is getting plenty of attention now that the
Germans are reporting a possible second weird star:


This one is cool, since it is a third the distance to Tabby's star, so our
Gaia results will be more certain.


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