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On 18 September 2016 at 23:27, spike  wrote:
> Hi BillK, thanks.  I am missing not only a suitable programming 
> environment but more important: the Matlab-based proprietary 
> thermodynamics package that I could access until about 2013 but cannot

You need to be specific. :)  What thermodynamics package?

The Mathworks HOT Thermodynamic Tools for Matlab is free and compatible with


HOT is a package originally constructed for combustion modeling in Matlab.
It calculates common thermodynamic properties such as enthalpy, specific
heat, entropy, internal energy, gamma, ideal gas constant, molecular weight,
etc... Full documentation is available in multiple formats at


The code is also Octave compatible.


This package I used before was developed by my former employer to be
specific for calculating surface temperatures of stuff in interplanetary
orbit, which was important for the kind of work that project needed.

However, I can see the value of deriving the equations from first
principles, beyond just mathematical hot dogging and such.

Well, OK that's part of it.  Or most of it.  But really this problem is
custom made for those who are in physics graduate school and are trying to
find all the cool stuff you can do with Bessel functions.  Or I might be
over eager to use that particular mathematical weapon just because it is
sharp and cool.


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