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>> I am considering the risk that the government will decide a number of us
>> outspoken ones (on the internet, which never forgets) are now terminally
>> ill, and wish to “assist” us in our suicide.  The government of Germany
>> decided a large number of people were terminally ill and assisted their
>> suicides in the 1930s.
>> ​-Spike ​
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> That's what I thought you meant too: that the government assisting people
> would be regardless if they wanted to be assisted.

​I don't see how a government approved committee of psychiatrists spouting
psychobabble would prevent that.     ​

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> My guess is Clinton would also say she supports some kind of evaluation
> too.

​All I know is that for reasons I don't pretend to understand euthanasia is
not a big issue this election and candidates aren't asked about it very
often, in one of the rare times when they were asked Hillary Clinton gave a
more libertarian answer than Gary Johnson did, while Donald Trump
apparently thought the question was so outlandish it wasn't worth

​> ​
> I also agree with Dave's point: the plumb line libertarian position is
> that every adult should have the right to end their life

​In Europe they've already gone further than that, In Holland anyone over
12 has that right, in Belgium anybody of any age has that right.

  John K Clark
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