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> ​>>…Indeed sir?  Suppose the government decides you are terminally ill and deplorable.  Is it allowed to assist you in suicide?
> >… Making somebody live when they want to die as as great a injustice as making somebody die when they want to live…. John K Clark
> Ja agreed.  I am considering the risk that the government will decide a number of us outspoken ones (on the internet, which never forgets) are now terminally ill, and wish to “assist” us in our suicide.  The government of Germany decided a large number of people were terminally ill and assisted their suicides in the 1930s.

That's what I thought you meant too: that the government assisting people would be regardless if they wanted to be assisted.

My guess is Clinton would also say she supports some kind of evaluation too. I've often seen people argue that this is necessary because otherwise grandpa might be killed off and it made to look like he 'made' the choice by his kids and grandkids who don't want him and the hospital to eat up his fortune. I doubt any mainstream candidate who supports euthanasia, including Clinton, is against an evaluation.

I also agree with Dave's point: the plumb line libertarian position is that every adult should have the right to end their life when they choose -- even if they're not terminally ill. This can be easily achieved by simply repealing all laws against suicide. (Yes, it might result in murderers trying to make their crimes look like suicide, but they already try that often enough, no?)


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