[ExI] saving lives

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 19:58:02 UTC 2016

Just what are our limits on interference with our private lives?  Today in
the NYT, an article says that the technology exists to cut off texting
while driving.

Should they?  No question it would save lives of drivers, pedestrians, dogs
and cats, and so on.

Just another tromping on libertarians' rights to be let alone?  Actually, I
agree with this one.  Drivers have a safe alternative:  they can talk.  Or
perhaps they can find a carrier who doesn't block texting.  I would not
favor a law.  Parents could then have some control over the smartphone they
paid for.

On the other hand, to put it in the proper perspective, it would prevent
many people from making the Darwin list of stupid deaths, and thus prevent
cleaning up the genetic pool.

bill w
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