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> Ja however congress is irrelevant in this question.  It is the Supreme Court which makes the call on constitutional rights. 

More precisely, the SCOTUS rules on which legal rights there are and what the limits there are to these.

> Had the congress the legal right to legislate away Americans’ right to bear arms, they would have done it a long time ago.

Actually, until recent 2A rulings didn't the Congress and various legislatures do just that? There's no iron law preventing these legislatures from doing so again or that guarantee SCOTUS or other government courts won't just follow the legislature on these matters. The difference in recent years, IMO, is not SCOTUS but that there's a more effective gun rights movement than there was decades ago.

Of course, if you want to pretend it's the SCOTUS and COTUS, fine. But actual changes in society usually involve changing people's views on things -- not on a piece of paper written in boring legalize forcing judges to do its bidding and everyone else going along with them.


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