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>>…Had the congress the legal right to legislate away Americans’ right to bear arms, they would have done it a long time ago.


>…Actually, until recent 2A rulings didn't the Congress and various legislatures do just that?...  Regards Dan



Various legislatures can, the Federal legislature cannot.  States can (and some do) make it illegal for citizens to bear arms in that state.  This is OK, for their own state constitutions allow it, and states outrank the Fed.  Citizens can go to a different state if they don’t like it (and do.)  But there can be no Federal level infringement on the right to bear arms because of amendment 2.


In a time when this heavily armed (and crazy) nation is on the verge of electing one of two presidential candidates such as these, both of whom have expressed intentions of violate law and the one who already has while in office, aren’t you glad we have a second amendment?  Me too. 




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