[ExI] Do digital computers feel?

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>>  up until now, all known physical laws are computable,
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> What about the three-body problem?

The three body problem is computable, I can't give an exact answer but tell
me an error circle with a nonzero radius and I'll be able to place any one
of those 3 planets within it at any time in the future, although it might
take a lot of computation. PI is also computable, tell me whatever finite
number of digits you want and I can compute them. But a non-computable
number is not like that, it can't even be approximated so there is no way
to give a specific one a name. Virtually all the numbers on the Real Number
Line are non-computable, if you stuck a infinitely sharp needle at random
 the Real Number line there is a 100% chance it will hit a
​ ​
​ ​
number and a 0% chance it will hit a computable one even though there are a
infinite number of computable numbers.

 John K Clark

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