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> >…the machines will be neither leftoids nor right wing nuts… John K Clark
> Forgive please another tangential comment.
> John’s comment got me to reminiscing about a few months ago, during our fitful election season.  Even after the fact, it isn’t at all clear to me which of the mainstream candidates was left and which was right, if those terms apply at all to this oddball election.  I could make arguments for each being on either side.

By my reckoning, both major party candidates were Far Right -- as is, sadly, mainstream US politics. I might say some politicians are to the Left of others, but they're still far to the Right overall. (Nothing unusual in this because with the demise of classical liberalism, everything shifted to the Right. But, of course, that demise happened before any here were born. See https://jeffriggenbach.liberty.me/why-i-am-a-left-libertarian/ )


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