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By Robert Heinlein, circa early 40s, from Waldo:


"It may be plausibly urged that the shape of a culture - its mores, evaluations, family organization, eating habits, living patterns, pedagogical methods, institutions, forms of government, and so forth - arise from the economic necessities of its technology."


I am not sure of what he was including in 'economic necessities', but this seems to put tech at the basis of everything, or nearly.  


bill w




This was a recurring meme in the mid 20th century, and is still valid to this day.  Some of the most insightful history interpretations are based on the notion that technology shapes culture, more than philosophy or religion.


Consider Asimov’s historical works: based more on history of technology (in most cases technology specific to military applications.)


Consider James Burke’s excellent documentary series The Day the Universe Changed and later Connections, both about how technological developments shaped history.


Consider how much our recent political conniptions in the USA were based on rapidly-changing communications technology, the email hacking and phishing, the rapid uncontrolled spread of information and so forth.


Philosophy and religion aren’t steering this ship, technology is doing it.





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