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​> ​>…Philosophy and religion aren’t steering this ship, technology is doing it.


​>…I agree. So why do history professors teach their students more about the battle tactics of the Austro-Prussian War than the do about the discovery of the Second Law of Thermodynamics that happened at about the same time?



I can envision a means or methodology of teaching history which weaves together memetic development with technological development as drivers of history.  


Consider stasis in any form in today’s world.  We have a mixture of societies that struggle to hold on to traditions of the past while others charge forward as fast as they can dash.  Soon the fast-moving societies develop technologies that leave the static societies behind, confused and irrelevant.



​> ​Consider James Burke’s excellent documentary series The Day the Universe Changed and later Connections, both about how technological developments shaped history.


​>…I loved them both, but I think Connections was first.​ John K Clark​


Both first and last.  Burke made Connections, then Universe Changed, then Connections 2.  Excellent, imaginative stuff all of it, inspiring, the British technology counterpart to Sagan’s Connections.






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